Deimos eZine accepts flash fiction submissions of stories up to 1,000 words in length, short stories of up to 6,000 words in length (our contest accepts pieces up to 7,500 words), and poetry, though it must adhere to the subjects Deimos usually considers. Deimos also considers original artwork for cover art. We accept submissions year round.

Fantasy, science-fiction, horror, slipstream, alternative history, fairy tale, weird tale, and creature stories are what we like to see. We want original storytelling, no vampire, zombie or werewolf stories, unless they bend the expected stereotype. We like stories with language that haunts us, stories that are blunt and shocking, stories of triumph and of failure, stories that are absurd, stories that you want to tell your friends about. We consider ourselves a literary genre publication, and as such, pay close attention to use of language. Please take this into consideration when deciding if you should submit to us. Even if a narrative is strong, a story is interesting, or characters are fleshed out, if original and thoughtful language isn’t present we’re not likely to consider it. We are also unlikely to publish stories with excessive and unnecessary gore and/or sex scenes that we feel work against our literary aesthetic.

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Deimos eZine Contest submissions ($5.00, 7,500 words, open until Aug 31)

Deimos eZine sponsors a yearly contest for fiction (short story). Reading for the contest takes place from December-August, and the chosen winner will receive a cash prize with their story published as the Contest Winner in the September issue.

Deimos eZine Novella Contest Submissions ($10.00, 15,000-35,000 words, open until November 30)

Novellas are amazing. They occupy the space between short story and novel, and as such, allow for greater development while condensing length; they are an art of their own. There is a lack of speculative fiction novellas and because of this, Deimos eZine sponsors a yearly novella contest for a work of literary speculative fiction. Manuscripts should be 15,000-35,000 words and formatted in standard manuscript format. The winner of the contest will be published in a single issue edition of Deimos eZine (online) in December, and the writer will have the title of novella contest winner and a cash prize. The writer retains all rights to his/her work and after three months, is free to publish it elsewhere with Deimos eZine listed for first print.

Deimos eZine Guidelines

1) Submit your original, unpublished work in Standard Manuscript Format with Submittable in DOC, or DOCX formatted file. Please keep to Times New Roman 12pt font, double-spaced, unless your submission is poetry in which your submission should appear as it would in print. Any other format will be auto-rejected. Submit fiction and original artwork via Submittable. File format for art should be pdf.

2) Include a brief cover letter stating your name, story title with word count, byline, address, and any publication or educational credits you think might be of interest.

3) Please send only 1 fiction submission at a time. Poetry is limited to three poems. It usually takes 1-2 months for a response.

4) Simultaneous submissions are fine, but please inform us if this is the case, and also inform us immediately if the piece is accepted elsewhere. Multiple submissions are not accepted. Payment for original fiction is $3.00 for short story, $2.00 for flash, $2.00 per poem, and $3.00 for cover art. Payments to writers and artists are made via PayPal.

5) Please do not query before 60 days.

6) For original fiction and poetry, we buy first world rights, exclusive for three months, nine months of non-exclusive e-rights after those three months, and non-exclusive anthology rights for three years.


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