Issue 2.1 March 2013

deimos march 2013 Cover

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This Small, Other Life    Samuel Snoek-Brown

The Other World     Russell Bradbury-Carlin

The Crossing     Elizabeth Kate Switaj

Another Zombie Tale     Kyle Hemmings

To The Lady Of All Doves     John Grey

An Unwelcome Burden     Kevin Gordon

Homunculus     Gary S. Watkins

A Very Bright Light, a Flash     Timothy Mudie

Big Heel     John Orloff

Hervé     Ian Kappos

An Interview with Jersey Devil Press

About the cover artist: Eric Trevino was born in 1987 in Monterrey, Mexico. Along with his siblings, he took up drawing from an early age as a hobby with only having formal classes for a couple of seasons. In 2001 he moved to Denton, Texas, where he now resides. During his first years in Texas, Eric took up mostly digital art after taking various business multimedia and advertising classes at Ryan High School, but afterwards decided that traditional art was the way to go. Eric is currently studying Drawing and Painting at the University of North Texas with a minor in French. The most common themes in his work are Horror and Surrealism along with outright absurd scenarios. His most recent work is usually released under the pseudonyms “Eriik” and “Papi.”

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