Welcome to Deimos eZine. Deimos comes from the Greek Δεῖμος, one of the many words translated as dread. Deimos eZine embodies dread in the stories we believe in, the artwork we showcase, and in the lifestyle that many writers lead.

Deimos eZine looks for new fiction, poetry and artwork by emerging and established writers and artists. We are a quarterly genre-based e-publication producing four issues a year, in March, June, September, and December.

Fantasy, science-fiction, horror, slipstream, alternative history, fairy tale, weird tale, and creature stories are what we like to see. We want original storytelling, no vampire, zombie or werewolf stories, unless they bend the expected stereotype. We like stories with language that haunts us, stories of triumph and of failure, stories that are absurd, stories that you want to tell your friends about. That being said, if your submission falls outside of the above categories, but you still think it might be right for us, send it on. We love being taken by surprise.


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